The likes of Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach have done a tremendous service to the development of the car, and Carl Benz is credited as the creator of the car because he invented a lot of the techniques necessary to produce a car with a practical combine engine.
Benz's car, which was patented in 1886, became the most improved by 1888. Benz began to market it as the "Benz Patent Motorwagen." Benz is a patented motor vehicle with her two sons without their husband Promotion of their home in the city manhayim forshayim 106 kilometers away from city living pi?atvuvaya visit his mother. At the time, there were no fuel stations selling petrol oil, and petrol oil was sold in pharmacies as a wound cleanser. Bertha, a courageous woman, with the help of her two sons, rectified the various technical problems that occurred along the way, stopped her at the pharmacy, bought petrol oil, filled her petrol, and reached her mother's home in the evening. She informed her husband of her successful journey by telegram. a?aturuvaya.

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